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Safaribead, Kenya

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Stitching of leather at Safaribead.
Stitching of leather at Safaribead.

Safaribead is an established business trading in quality hand made beaded products. The business was started in order to harness the skills of the local people in Kenya to produce a quality beaded product suitable for export. The business concept has been developed to ensure that the group of women doing the beadwork receive a fair income in a sustainable enterprise.

The company produces a selection of leather beaded sandals, bags, belts and other similar accessories. A production staff of 12 people work full time on cutting and shaping leather and stitching activities. The leading leather workers have been trained by a UN funded project providing training in craft work for Kenyans.

Masai beading Group at Safaribead workshops.
Masai beading Group at
Safaribead workshops.

Beads are imported from Czechoslovakia due to their consistency and quality. Surprisingly this has been the case for over a century, linking the Masai and Eastern Europe for a considerable period of time.

A team of between 25 and 50 Masai women bead the products. All are called upon for work at least twice a week depending on demand. Each beaded product has a label identifying the Masai lady who has undertaken the work.

Safaribead have recently moved to a new workshop in a large property in Karen, Nairobi. This is shared with two other small fair trade and eco-based enterprises. A small cafe has been opened for tourists to visit and see the products firsthand. This has also generated further employment for Kenyan catering staff.

Happy beading times - Safaribead.
Happy beading times - Safaribead.