This pooch won our #PicofYourPooch


The Africa House is proud to announce the winner of our #PicofYourPooch competition!

Meet the adorable pup who gained a whopping 33 votes! Join us in congratulating Sara Carter, with her pup being voted as the most cutest pooch in our contest.


The #PicofYourPooch competition has attracted more than a dozen entries of some of the most charming pups we’ve ever seen!

As part of the contest, users were asked to send in pictures of their pooches flaunting their Africa House dog collars, using the #PicofYourPooch hashtag to win a taste of the £100 prize

Both entries and votes flooded in, with many of the pups clocking up more than 20 votes.

At 33 votes, Sara Carter's pooch has won the top spot and £100 worth of gift vouchers is on the way!


But in this competition - nobody really loses. As a big thank you to all of those who sent in their adorable pictures of their pups, everyone will have the honour of having their pooch featured on our website.

This means that the whole world will get to admire your pup as much as you do!



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