Our story

 Jonathan Knocker, MD The Africa House Ltd
Jonathan and Hazel Knocker with Moses, Production Manager,
at Tribal Textiles

Jonathan Knocker, Director. I'm lucky enough to have visited Africa during the last 25 years on regular occasions. I also spent 3 years living and working in Malawi and Africa has become my second home; one which I am really delighted to share with visitors to this website.

The wildlife, exciting landscapes, contrasting colours, lights and welcoming people are easy to absorb and enjoy while visiting this wonderful Continent...

Wildlife in Ngorongoro Crater
Wildlife in Ngorongoro Crater

Having been fortunate to have visited various African countries I am determined to retain my ties with Africa. A visit to Zambia with my wife Hazel in October 2003 reinforced my resolve and The Africa House was born.

Both Hazel and I are resolute in ensuring that every possible opportunity be given to African based producers to maximise their skills, talent and ability in the UK through successful marketing of a range of high quality produce.

Lewa Downs ladies happily crafting some fine rugs
Lewa Downs ladies happily
crafting some fine rugs

We will only deal with organisations that provide fair employment conditions to staff which must include a fair salary and related conditions, not always enjoyed in the developing world. In other words a 'fairly traded' environment that benefits the whole surrounding community.

Our overriding aims are twofold:

  • to offer you a taste of Africa, through providing high quality fairly traded products from selected African suppliers;
  • to give selected African communities financial security through commercial trade in their quest to secure all the benefits of education, health and well being which we all take for granted.

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of exciting soft furnishings and fashion accessories to brighten up rooms-and wardrobes -around your home.

Why not select a rug or carpet from Lewa Downs in Kenya, made from sheep or goats wool? Or a piece of recycled metal sculpted into a fantastic design by polio victims in Dar-Es-Salaam?

There will be plenty of new products made available on a regular basis so remember to add this site to your favourites list and visit us again.

All of your purchases will help to support African communities through steady employment, social and educational benefits.

Elephant at Lewa Downs in Kenya
Elephant at Lewa Downs in Kenya

So thank you for visiting the website and enjoy the experience of shopping in Africa! And remember that you will be helping to secure livelihoods at the same time.