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Fikira Company, Kenya

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Fikira Company is registered within the Kenyan textile industry as a fashion and design company dealing in the design of ethic- inspired apparel, jewelry, Soft furnishings and gift items. Using predominantly locally sourced raw materials, the majority of which are recycled, Fikira have been in business since 2006.

The company's mission is to transform the lives of producers by enhancing their capacity and skill base and provide them access to global markets, in turn eradicating poverty through creativity.

The team is led by Sheila Mwaura, who has firsthand experience of working in three fashion houses in Kenya. She started Fikira Company in 2006 working closely with local artisans to provide a sound skill base so that they could then develop quality products in return for a fair price and regular income.

Maasai ladies working on a beading project at Fikira.
Maasai ladies working on a beading
project at Fikira.

The company is based in Nairobi and currently employs the services of seven artisans who work closely with Sheila to produce a range of modern and contemporary designed products.