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Aranibar, Nairobi, Kenya

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Aranibar is a small producer of high quality leather produce. They are based close to the UN compound in Nairobi and have been in existence for 20 years.

The company employs 10 people who work on assembling leather products that include napkin rings, waste paper bins, photo frames, tablemats, office accessories and a selection of dhow and canoe wood accessories.

The leather is purchased from three tanneries located around Kenya. Aranibar employees then add value to the leather cutting and stitching to product size or where applicable they also burn designs onto the leather.

Aranibar leather factory in Nairobi 
 Aranibar workshops, Nairobi

The use of recycled dhow or canoe wood is another element of Aranibar's activities. Photo frames, wine racks and mirror frames are made from the mango wood that for many years has sailed around the Kenyan coast.

The canoes or dhows that are used for these products were no longer seaworthy and they have been sold to Aranibar by fishermen who use the proceeds to purchase a new canoe.

This in turn provides continued income to the fishermen and their families.

Employees burning designs onto leather
Employees burning designs onto leather.

The employment generated by Aranibar not only helps to provide income for the 10 employees but also helps their families through education and health which could not otherwise be afforded. An indirect benefit is also made to the fishing community through purchasing of old canoe and dhow wood allowing continued income to be generated.