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Traveller’s Journals

We make regular visits to Africa which enables me to find new suppliers and discover more exciting products. Each time we visit Africa we see and learn more about the countries, people and wildlife.

These journals cover some informal and educational information for readers, particularly youngsters, about Africa and hopefully show why we love the place so much.

An African School

Imagine sitting in a school located in Zambia? Think it is similar to your comfortable Primary or Secondary school? Check this article out and see what it is really like!

The Africa House Leaflet

For further information on The Africa House please download a copy of our leaflet

Black Rhino

Very elusive but best seen from a distance! These fascinating animals have been driven close to extinction by man's greed. Find out more about these relatives of dinosaurs.

Lions - King of the Jungle

Everyone knows what a lion looks like. But has anyone been as close as I have to these large pussycats?

All About Hippos

I've been lucky enough to see hippos on most of my African visits. This section will help with school projects but also cover some "firsthand" experience about these interesting animals.